In September 1949, the First Baptist Church of Lebanon Kentucky purchased property at the corner of High School (now Hood Ave.) and Woodlawn Ave. for the purpose of erecting a mission.  The building was dedicated on June 4, 1950.  The Mission held its first Sunday evening worship service on June 7, 1953.  On October 1, 1955 a full training program with Training Union and Wednesday prayer meeting began.  On July 27, 1955 the First Baptist Church voted to procceed with the construction of an additional wing.  Construction began October 20, 1955 with the first worship program held in the new structure on Sunday, July 22, 1956.  

On August 24, 1958 Woodlawn Baptist Church was organized and the Constitutional Service was led by Bro. A.B. Colvin, pastor of the First Baptist Church.  On May 29, 1960, the church voted to build a basement for future church use at the cost of $14,500.00.  On December 14, 1966 the church voted to build a parsonage.  The brick structure was completed for a cost of $8,176.00.  The pastor and his family moved into the new parsonage in March 1967.

On May 24, 1970 the church voted to build a new sanctuary at a cost of $72,000.00.  The building was completed and dedicated on September 26, 1970.   In 2003 the church underwent a complete sanctuary renovation and saw the addition of various church programs . 
 We pray we will continue to do great things for the Lord and with His blessing
grow to meet the ever-changing needs of the church and the surrounding community.  We pray that He continues to bless our church family as we celebrate the future.